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Wounded Land

Step into a land ravaged by war against a nightmarish adversary, governed by the loose Alliance of the Great Cities. The decimated remains of mankind struggle to rebuild their cities—while the noble lords indulge in intrigues and power plays. In such desperate times, the only possible torchbearers are the Vasalli, gifted people spoken of by the old mythologies. But can they bear the burden of being the protectors of humanity, or will they allow themselves to be corrupted by power and succumb to the darkness that delves in every heart?

Shadows in the Wild

The darkness still holds many secrets folk whisper about around fireplaces. With the colossal guardians dying out, the re-emergence of the dreadful Vargans, and the incursions of the mysterious nations from the North, the citizens of the Alliance are slowly coming to understand that their struggles are just beginning.

Everchanging World

Mysterious substance known as “Resin” changes the way we understand nature every day, giving birth to what could perhaps one day be known as the rise of industry. Tensions between Great Cities and their need for expansion are getting stronger, while explorers discover new resources and roads to other territories daily. Even the gifted Vasalli are pushing the limits of their powers farther and farther every day. What can this world offer? Slots Plus Casino is offering you fantastic slots games inspired by the powers of Vasalli. Use the no deposit promos and enter free in the enchanted world of slots games.


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Fast, Fluid, and Intuitive

We've designed Awaken to help new players become comfortable with the basics of roleplaying games, while allowing experienced RPG players a lot of freedom in how they approach tasks and problems.

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Encourages Creativity

Creativity is an essential part of any RPG, so Awaken helps players approach the story in creative ways. By mixing and matching skills, players receive bonuses for creativity and imagination.

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Unhampered Character Creation

Character creation is quick and simple, designed to give you the freedom to follow your vision and create characters without restrictions, choosing and mixing their skills, attributes, and Gifts - the special powers of the Vasalli.